The benefits

If you are a Russian player, QIWI has some tremendous benefits in terms of convenience. You can easily log in, deposit the money, and use your card information anywhere. The transaction clears instantly, which means that players are quick to be able to use their funds.

The disadvantage of using QIWI

One of the disadvantages of QIWI is the fact that you cannot use it to withdraw your money. If you are going to use it to put money on your balance, you will have to find another banking option to make use of your funds. It is also traditionally only for use to Russian players and it has limited availability. While not many offer the same options as the virtual card offered by QIWI.

The bottom line

QIWI is one of the best paying options for Russian clients. This method is fast, and the virtual card is nice, but it may not be the best method if you are outside of Russia.