Our Privacy Policy .The online-casino Ca. privacy policy is designed to elaborate on how the casino collects and shares user data. All users accepting to sign up to our terms and conditions agree that they have read these policies and consent to how information is collected and shared. Please contact us if some of the policies are unclear.

Data Security & Protection

The rising security threats targeting personal data and other forms of information have prompted us to enact some of the stringent data security measures in the industry. We, therefore, do not by any means share personal data with third-party sites. While the site may collect information such as the number of user visits and type of browser used, we do not collect any personally identifiable information.

The data we protect, retain, process or share are those we collect when you use our site and/or services. We do not track or use the information collected and share with tracking websites. These policies ONLY apply to our users’ data (the data we own and control) and not to other online casino websites that we do not own.


When you register on online-casino ca., we collect information that would enable us to offer the services to you. We may request your email address, personal contact address, real names and payment details to enable us process deposits and withdrawals.


We collect information about the transactions you make within site for improving our services and resolving transaction-related issues whenever they occur. Note that we share transaction details with the participants involved such as your bank, credit card vendor or your e-wallet provider.

Data Retention & Processing

We are obliged to retain the collected data to fulfill our legitimate business interests, jurisdictional legal obligations and to proffer better customer service. If you close your account, we mask all your personal data.

Cookie Policies

Cookies are identifiers that are transferred through the browser or our software to the storage of your device – mobile or computer – to store your personal data. The cookie data enables us to hasten the login process and to track your activities in our site.  It also facilitates the site to remember your personal preferences such as choice of language.

The cookies we collect are those that we strictly need to help us serve you better. We may also collect data relating to how many times you visit the site, how much do you wager, and how you navigate the site. This helps us to give you VIP points, bonuses, and promotions based on how you bet on our site.

We may use any of the legal web data collection tools such as local storage objects, Clear Gifs, and session cookies to compile statistics about usage. Note that we use tools such as the Google Analytics to expedite and improve our services, performance, and user experience.

However, if you do not like us collecting your information, you can use the ‘disable tracking on this site’ feature in your browser to remove our tracking objects. By doing so, you may lose some of the functionalities such as your preferences and fast logins.