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Mobile phone gambling is a relatively new concept to the world so it’s important to discuss that which features make a good mobile gambling application? When it comes to rating any casino, I believe the majority of the gamblers would agree that the variety of games offered are a significant factor upon which the quality of the casino may be judged. The second thing is the kind of user-friendliness it has. Navigation and how easy is the interface. I know many might not agree but the appearance of the app itself makes a difference too. The overall outlook of the kind of feel the app gives draws more and more users towards it. The movement from one area of the app to the other has to smooth and frictionless, without any errors and glitches.

Moving on, the number of games differ from casinos to casinos but if you’re a slot lover, then it is probable that you would find that over any application. Live games are another major differential. Some casinos prefer to offer a variety of games but they do not provide any live tables. Other major casino applications often have blackjack, roulette etc but they also provide live tables alongside where gamblers can gamble in real time, including interacting with other players.

Then there is the difference between the casino on mobile and the desktop version. It only makes sense that casinos provide greater features with their desktop versions but only provide minimum games when it becomes to their mobile phone compatibility. When casinos lack in their diversity, it becomes a problem for the gamers to decide. Hence along with the quality of the app, it has to be the number of games as well.

What challenges do developers face?

Along the same lines that we have discussed above, it is certain that the greatest hindrance is converting all those features from the desktop and bringing them to the mobile version. For the satisfaction of users, developers want to bring as many features as they can, and make fewer changes as possible.

The second challenge is how they would convert it into an app if they would at all. There are two ways how the game can be played. One is the browser of the mobile phone and second is by downloading the application from the designated store of your app. When it comes to the browser app, it is preferred because of the cross compatibility. Written in HTML5, it can be accessed through phone browsers, tablets, and computers. But when an app has to be developed, the certain operating system has to be mind. The two major operating systems are Android and iOS. Windows is also among them. So releasing an app for one of them would mean alienating a good half of the population that uses the other OS devices. Again, with all its complications, developers face a greater challenge when it comes to developing applications that are specific for certain operating systems.

Now the question remains, which app is the better? If considering a native app, the ones on either ios or android, it is more user-friendly and smooth in usage. The reason being that it has been developed for a particular system and hence it is smoother to use.

Furthermore, certain casino apps have this feature that allows users to play for fun. If someone does not want to gamble and use the app just like another computer game, there may be certain options that could provide that. However, not all casinos have that feature. Some may only allow you to play if you’re looking to put some money on the line.

Now coming to the bonuses, certain mobile apps give minimal bonuses. If you are used to receiving bonuses from live casinos on the browser, it is different. But there are certainly welcome bonuses that are often granted upon signing up. This is always a good way to keep going if you have just begun your casino journey on your Smartphone.


Requirements are often a concern but the majority of Smartphones are able to run these apps. Moreover, before downloading, these apps notify you if they wouldn’t be compatible on your Smartphone. The features of the app are attributed according to the software a user is running. So if your phone cannot download the next OS update, it might be time to get a new device!

Tips while downloading

Apps compatible with iOS can be easily downloaded but it becomes a bit tricky when downloading on android. Until July 2017, Google had banned all the apps that dealt with real money option. So the players had to download it from the browser. Sometimes the device’s security often does not allow unknown sources to make any changes to the device. That can, however, be permanently changed from your phone’s settings.

Certain tips for gamblers who use mobile casino sites

Firstly, do not allow the application to save your passwords. There is always a chance of you forgetting your phone at the nearest coffee shop. When you do that, and someone opens it, it would leave your financial details exposed. We believe that none of you would want that so please be very careful about your passwords.

Secondly, do not play unless you have an internet connection you can trust. When you use a slow connection or the one that is interrupted constantly, it could leave you forfeiting the game and losing money. It is important that if you’re dealing with a live casino, a bad internet connection wouldn’t benefit you at all. By default, the one who leaves the game was declared the loser.

Thirdly, casino apps can do a great deal of damage to your battery life so if you’re not playing them, close them. Apps that update in real time, the majority of them do nowadays, often consume a great deal of battery which eats up the overall life of your phone. No Smartphone owner likes that anyway!