The benefits of Interac

There are several benefits to Interac for Canadian players. For starters, your payment should occur almost instantly. This makes it a low-cost solution to some of the other alternatives that either demand players wait longer or pay more in fees. Given that no personal information is shared with the casino you play in, it also makes for a very safe method of getting money into your account.

The drawbacks

One of the drawbacks to Interac is that you cannot use it with international banks. Unlike some of the other e-Wallet alternatives on the market today, the number of online casinos that use Interac are relatively limited. Having a payment made to your account should be straightforward though.

The bottom line

If you are a Canadian player and one of your favorite options to play online has Interac, this may be your best paying option. You can easily deposit and withdraw money to your account. There is no doubt that more online providers will offer Interac in the future.