What is Casino Rewards?

Casino Rewards is the label given to the network which runs and owns over 20 award-winning online casinos. By becoming a part of any of these casinos, you become a member of both casino rewards and the casino you have joined automatically. You can categorize of Casino Rewards as the canopy that encloses all of the member casino brands.

How do I become a part of a Casino Rewards member casino?

It is quite easy to join a casino rewards member casino. All you have to do is to pick from the casino rewards member list and prepare yourself to have fun.

These member casinos can be played if you download the casino software. There is also in-browser play, and you can play on tablet/mobile devices depending on your choices.

What is Casino Rewards Account?

When you join any of the online casinos run by Casino Rewards, you will have a casino Account just for that casino as well as an account for Casino Rewards. If you become a part of the Casinos that are a part of the Casino rewards, your account for casino rewards would be associated with it. Just imagine your casino rewards account as a centralized location where all your bonus cash from your wagers at any of the member casinos.

You can become a part of any of the member casinos and exploit the free sign up bonuses. You can rest assured knowing that all your wagers will be rewarded with VIP points.

Where to check my Balance for VIP Points?

You can redeem your VIP points or balance any moment via 2 methods which include:

In the lobby of your casino – when you open your casino, choose the tab for casino rewards which is green in color above your Casino Lobby.

On your Tablet or Mobile Phone – When you open your Casino page, select the button for promotions underneath your screen.

Where can I claim my VIP points?

So long as you have gathered over 1000 VIP points, you can begin claiming them as casino credits at any moment.

How to claim VIP points?

If you have the Online Casino Downloaded, select the Casino Rewards tab which is green in color. You can find it in the Casino Lobby. Select the button Redeem My Points

If you are playing on Tablet or Mobile, head to the page for promotions and select the Redeem Now Button

If you are playing through the web is also known as Flash casino, select the Casino Rewards tab which is green in color. You can find it in the Casino Lobby

How long is required before the Bonus Credit gets to my Account?

The bonus credit should reach your account in 5 minutes. But provide provision for as much as 2 hours.

How do I redeem my signup offer?

Claiming your signup offer is quite easy. All you need to do is carry out your initial deposit to redeem your first welcome bonus. This can be done by paying a visit to the page for banking and selecting any of the secure and safe methods. Your signup bonus will be instantly credited to your casino account for you to begin playing.

How to make deposits?

It’s simple to make deposits with all the various options and methods of payments provided to you.

First of all, to buy online casino credits, select on the button shown as Bank on the casino software platform. This will direct you to the Casino ATM.

Select the method of deposit you want to use like your Credit Card by selecting the arrow button beside the deposit method of your choice.

If you just created the account, you will able to will be required to register the details for your payment account on the Casino Software. Immediately you have registered, select the amount you want to deposit. You will get a deposit request confirmation.

Queries or Issues?

You can reach out to one of our live chat team members available 24 hours daily.

How are withdrawals made?


If you desire to make a withdrawal while there is bonus fund available in your account. All you have to do is change the bonus to cash first. This is carried out through the process of wagering. Simply this means placing bets. It is required by the casino that a specific amount of bets is placed before making withdrawals. When you have placed adequate bets, your bonus is changed to cash readily available for withdrawal.

To change all your bonus into funds, you will be required to place/wager bets for an accumulated number of your bonus by 30x.  For example, let’s assume you have a $20 bonus, the amount you would be required to wager is $600 in total.

If you want to wager your initial signup bonus, a 60x wagering requirement is applicable. This does not mean you would be required to win that amount neither does it mean you have to make more deposits. All it means is that the total of all your bets regardless of if you lose or win needs to be equivalent to 30 or 60 times the bonus amount you were offered. Once the requirement for wagering has been attained, you will have the ability to make withdrawals.


It is easy to withdraw winnings and you are not required to withdraw them when every session ends either. Your online casino account can be left with a positive balance which will then be saved automatically for you in the system for the next time you desire to log in and begin playing.

Kindly note that the least withdrawal amount set by the casino includes:

$300 for Wire/DBT and $50 for all other payment methods.

Funds withdrawn would be placed on pending for 2 working days and in that period you can reverse the withdrawal and keep on playing at the casino.

How to withdraw funds

To withdraw funds, the first step is to select the button named bank on the interface of the casino software.

Next, click on the tab named withdrawal which you can find on the page for banking.

Then you input the amount you want to withdraw and select the Next button.