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One of the best casino games of all time, arguably the future of casino lies on slot games particularly those played online

This truth can only be realized when the young players of today, also known as the millennials indulge in this game as frequently as those who were before them. With most of today's players having great access to the internet and mobile phones as well, the big question developers were faced with was whether they could create a game on this platform that could intrigue the attention of most. Digitalizing the legendary game that would engage the audience and unlike the cliché games of this era, it would have to be played for lesser hours.

While the gaming industry continues to see a rise in the number of users that are proportional to the revenue generated, it is important to understand how they came to be.

Invention of best slots machines

There is an uncertainty about who created the machines first, but it came to be in the late 1880’s. The very first machine had a reel and displayed 5 symbols; a horseshoe, a diamond, a heart, a spade and famous of all the Liberty Bell. It required a player to pull a lever, which was designed to be one-armed to start the reel spinning. It required a player to put a certain amount of coins to win a certain amount of money.

The developers of the machine had a coin detector installed in it to allow it to detect the real currency from the fake one or other objects such as buttons for instance. Its only from these early slot machines that enhancements could be done as time went by. These enhancements were made to make them more appealing to the public. For instance, the symbols changed to those that were publicly appealing such as the fruit symbols. Other enhancements included changing the one-handed lever to a button that could spin the reels. There have been a lot of enhancements since then, but notably, the emergence of the internet and computers revolutionized the game in the 20th century.

Development of Online Slots

Online slots were a major upgrade from the old slot machines as they offered a vast range of games from which players can enjoy from. Extending its popularity to the internet, slot gaming has always been popular among the casino enthusiasts. The added advantage of online gaming especially when it comes to the slots is that it covers a wide scope of players that were not previously endorsed.

All of these added advantages to the gaming industry can be attributed to improvements in technology. Slot gaming has been removed from its predominant habitat, the casino, and can now be accessed by most of the people who own mobile phones. To further understand this, out f the 7 billion occupants’ pf planet earth, 4 billion own or have a mobile phone. This number is always growing, and thus the numbers cannot be ignored as the internet covers a vast number of people.

Online slot games can be played either through an application and software downloaded and installed to a mobile phone or computer respectively. Other casinos might not have this feature but might offer the slot games online through a portal and website.

How to play

First and foremost, all players and interested stakeholders must understand that the myth about results and outcomes being predetermined is just a myth. The slot machines have a system that ensures the outcome is mathematically determined through equations and algorithms. The system generates numbers at random and cannot be controlled at remotely. There are rules and regulations set in place by law that ensures this is followed and observed. This means that it is fair and genuine to all players that play slots whether online or at the casino. When a player wins or in other terms hits the jackpot, it is pure luck and not predetermined.

This means that online slots have no strategy to win despite the various videos and articles online indicating otherwise. A lot of players have tried different strategies like the ‘zigzag’ technique but all in vain. Any kind of technique does not ensure winning on casino slot games but playing for fun and enjoyment purposes could make someone a fortune. Accepting that the outcome is unknown could do a lot of good to a player.

Where to get slot games online

As mentioned earlier, playing slots online has been made easier by the fact that the internet is accessible to most of the players. In addition to that, developers of these types of games in collaboration with casinos have created games for both platforms; computers and smartphones. These developers include Microgaming and NextGen who have pioneered and spearheaded the gaming industry.

Players who own smart phone can download the application through their various online stores that come in built when an individual buys the handset. These include Apple store that is on Apples IOs and Google’s play store that comes with Android handsets. Downloading and installing the application is not a tedious process as in a matter of minutes a player will be enjoying the game. Most applications will require the players to have a secure internet connection to be able to play slot games online. The same goes for computers which might be required to install an application to play the games.

However, not all casinos or game developers will have an application to play slots online. Others will require players to play online through a portal or even a website. They also need a strong internet connection to play; Players might be required to fill out their details shortly before playing. Information may vary from game to game, but payment details and location are among the primary details gathered. Whichever way of playing, a player must identify with the one that is most convenient for them.

Qualities of top online slots

It is imperative that a player looks for the best casino slot games among the many games to choose from. The top slots played online have features that distinguish them from other slots. First of all, the interface and design of the slot game should be of good quality. This means that is should be pleasing to look at and should be appealing to attract a lot of players online. It should also be designed to be easy to use among all its players. Players from all over the web should not have a hard time while playing online. This also means that playing online should be smooth, suffering very few lags and pauses, to avoid inconveniencing players.

The best online slot games also have t a wide variety of games to offer its players. This means from the many slot games that are online a casino should do its best to offer most to its players. This makes it easier to allow players to choose from an enormous list if games.

Promotional bonuses are also part of best slot games. Players are quite attracted to bonuses and promotional offers that come with the slot games. This is because the idea of winning a little bit more intrigues a lot of people and will draw a lot of people to gaming slots. This is regardless of the kind of bonus; promotional bonus will always be an added leverage over other casinos.

There are a lot of other features that are subliminal, but it is important that a player carefully examines an online casino before joining any to make sure it is the right one.

Online gaming trends

Despite the success, online gaming has had particularly with slots played online; the top casino games are constantly being upgraded and developed further to enhance the playing experience. Some of the trends include features like live gaming and the VR system gaming. In live gaming, players are allowed to play the games in real time as if they were in a real casino. It creates a simulation of the real world making the player feel like they are dealing in the real world.

Another feature associated with new slots is the VR system. Virtual Reality otherwise known as VR is a gaming software that simulates the real world to players when gaming. It creates the feeling players would get while playing in the real casino. All these features are meant to create convenience for players by simulating and mimicking the real world.

Canada online slots

The Canadian Government has provided freedom to the gaming industry while having very little interference in the dealings. However, there is the Canadian criminal code that acts to safeguard the integrity of Canadian online slots. All the 10 provinces in Canada have separate ruling and jurisdiction over legal matters of playing and gambling. This means that what could be accepted in one province could be a possible violation in another.

That being said some provinces issue licenses to online slots while others do not. However, gambling problems here are held in high regard as there have been various measures put in place to prevent and treat instances of gambling related issues such as hotlines.