A special online casino deserves a special comprehensive review like no other, and casumo online casino is one that definitely deserves it. It is a casino that is seemingly eons ahead of anything available on the web. It could be said that diverging from the norm could be a negative thing especially when it comes to an industry that sticks to its guns like the online casino industry, but that is not the case when it comes to Casumo. It has been able to get people to notice it in a positive light by doing its own thing.

Casumo in Canada has merged both the slot and casino game experience to create an interactive game atmosphere with a beautifully designed outer space adventure theme. Players not only enjoy playing their favorite online slots or casino games, they are also missions to be completed, rewards and Casumo casino bonus to be unlocked whilst they experience the space adventure found during gameplay. This is without a doubt a boon for players, as the games and the connection with the idea of bonuses and missions have been well thought out, making them pretty good fun.

The whole basis of this casino review is to explore in detail this concept and also review the totality of the site, so as to get an in-depth knowledge of what it is this site has to offer, and most importantly if it is a site that’s safe to play on. It is important to note that, the point of this review is not to sell you a site. This is not going to be a review that will push out exaggerated positives while subduing the negative. It is one that aims to give an honest and fair review of this site. With that being said, let’s get started.

Who Are They?

You can’t really have a review of casumo without going into detail of when its operations started and what it stands for. It first began operations with a focus on developing a unique, yet spectacular gaming experience back in 2012. When users log onto the site, the first thing they notice is that its design diverges from the all black, James Bond in Monte Carlo casino feel. This is something users encounter the most. This is perhaps one of the unique selling points of this site.

Perhaps the correct way to describe the look and feel of the site is to consider it an amalgamation of a typical fun casino experience with the extremely addictive app style or Facebook adventure games. Once signed into Casumo, players get transported to a galaxy far away, where they are able to stay for as long as they remain on the site. Players not only enjoy playing their favorite games but also get to complete challenges and missions that unlock new planets for exploration, trophies and other rewards and bonuses. With every completion of these missions, players get rewarded with either free cash or bonus spins. The great part about these challenges and missions is that they are actually extremely fun and they take nothing from the overall gameplay experience.

The main storyline found on this site is characterized by two parts which work symbiotically, namely The Challenges and The Adventure.

The Challenges

On casumo mobile casino and Casumo in Canada, challenges are a type of mission, where players have to complete a particular task in a given amount of time. Usually, players compete against one another to complete the tasks in the smallest time period or the lowest amount of spins. Challenges are an added advantage of playing on the site and require no costs to opt into. The majority of these challenges reward with bonuses and prizes for quite a large number of players, so players need not worry about it being too competitive.

A challenge consists of five differing missions, namely Total Spins, Total Wins, Total Wins in a Row, Total Big Wins, Total Mega Wins.

The Adventure

The underlying storyline at Casumo is the adventure which follows the player the entire time they are at the online casino. All of this takes place in a faraway galaxy in the dark depths of outer space. The progress of players is tracked using a progress bar which grows every time players gain points while playing. This means, the more energy and time players spend at the casino, the further they get into the adventure. As they move up levels, the bonuses, and rewards that can be won increase. Players are also rewarded with trophies, belts, and valuables.

The belts awarded represent a players skill level at the casino, much like it does in any of the martial arts. This means the higher bet level achieved, the higher the chances of gaining rewards on every level.

Trophies are rewards gained by players when they complete certain challenges and tasks while on the site. Players can choose to keep them hidden or publicly display them. It seems these rewards do not give any sort of benefit, other than bragging rights.

Valuables are a type of reward gained from the entirety of play on the website. These can come in the shape of deposit bonuses, free spins or even free cash. It is important to note that, these rewards do not apply automatically, players would have to head to the valuables tab and click to enable them. The positive thing is, these rewards can’t be lost and they do not expire at all.

User Interface

A casino has a user interface is one that with the addition of a tiny change, would garner it the highest rating available. Its interface is stunning, coupled with the creatively adventure/exploration feel. It avoids the standard cliché pitfalls, as it refreshingly opts not to make use of the renowned secret spy dark look that most use.

A quick look at the site would show that the designers did their due diligence, to create something that is both up to date and flashy without being gawky. Now, as stated earlier there is one issue that stops it from being the best and that is the difficulty encountered when searching for all of its games, prior to opening an account. It would have been nice to have been given, a prominently situated and thorough games list on the site. It does seem a bit strange, considering the games available on the site are all developed by gaming software designers at the top of the industry. This should have been something, they would be eager to show off. Should this problem be sorted, then there's nothing stopping it from having the very best user interface available on the market, as everything else is amazing.

Licensing and Fair Gaming

As of writing, casino mobile casino operates with a license from the Maltese Authorities as well as that of the United Kingdom. Like all reputable online casinos, it has its random number generator certified using a trusted third party. It also makes use of the same one for both it’s free money and real money games.

Every network packet on Casumo is sent using an SSL certificate encryption and players can be sure of their payment details safety, thanks to a payment processing that is PCI compliant.

Customer Service

A casino is one that looks after its customers and that is evident in its amazing customer service available via email and  24/7 live chat feature which is available to customers at any time. It is imperative to also note that, this online casino site is one that had garnered a lot more positive reviews of its chat team when compared to the chat team of other sites around. One possible negative attached to their customer service might be the fact that they do not offer telephone support. This might seem superfluous when one takes into account the exceptional live chat and email support, but trends have shown that customers would like having phone support to become a mainstay in the industry.